Is Life.

We access Life through our body.

Our body travels through time and space.

Our body experiences sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, emotion and thought.

Our body stores fragments of these experiences in Memory.

Our body dreams.

Dreams can be anything.


As Real as Real gets: Reality. 







To Keep Peace In The Union

The body succeeds when the left and right halves work together 


A Marriage succeeds through continuous commitment to and belief in the value of The Union


that commitment and belief are strengthened through communication:


communication is strong when both sides are open about their needs, respectful of their partner’s needs (and/or inability to clearly define or communicate those needs)


and willing to compromise



Growth vs Balance


We have built our society on a foundation of consumption

we must rebuild it on a foundation of balance


our current economic goal is Unchecked Growth 

Our new economic goal must be balance


nature IS balance   


obesity and cancer lead our causes of death.

inequality is extreme

our waterways, air and land are polluted


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

You can help by working towards balance in your life.








I Am (You Are) The Example

Sometimes I yell at my kids. I lose my patience and I yell. Like they do. Usually because they do. Then I realize I am The Example.  In everything I do I am The Example.




Dreams don't survive on their own


the Home of the Dream is the Dreamer


HOPE is: belief that the things that you dream can come true


HOPE isn't worth anything without 'do'.


it's Action that keeps us alive.

even in failure i’m living my life.


I couldn’t survive knowing I never tried.




=> All Age, All Race, All Gender, All Class

We can't build our future while we dwell on our past. 

Do You Understand?

America was built in significant part through a genocide of the Natives and centuries of enslavement of Africans. The descendants of those natives and slaves still struggle with equal opportunity and equal protection under the law.


That is a fact.


You don't arrive at our America without Genocide and Slavery. That is something we must acknowledge and reconcile ourselves with. 


We cannot change the past. But we can learn from it.  


Here, in our day and age, we are coming together as a species.


We are, as a global community, understanding how we work and learning to accept our differences. We are learning to solve our problems. This is the arc of history.


Yet people learn at different rates.

Not all of us come to understanding at the same time.


Those who are able to accept the differences, which is to accept what IT IS, are blessed.


This should make them humble. For they recognize the Truth and Beauty in what IT IS, not what it could be, not what it should be. What IT IS.


We are all slaves to the past.


Our History is of displaced people and enslaved people and oppressed people. And, Our History is of oppressors.


We were slaves and we were oppressors but We Will Overcome.


If you recognize the Truth in that statement, then you must be the one to reach out the hand, to make the connection, to help those who do not yet understand. 


Were they as truly an enemy, as soulless and mean spirited as you believe they are in their darkest moments, this would only deepen the need for understanding, which must necessarily begin with you.


Do you understand?




The most important person to be shown tolerance is an intolerant person.  


Lead by example.  


Do as I do.  


One centralized ad-free account for all of your government business (voting, taxes, government programs, updates from representatives, updates on legislation, policy discussion)

Construction must be open-sourced. There needs to be complete confidence in the security and intention of the program.  

This will offer us a more constructive platform on which to build our future together. Something much closer to true democracy.




Shades of Brown

We see what we want to see. I see shades of brown. 


Water, Energy, Rest, Shelter

and many who know it would argue Love. 



Pace of Life

The more I appreciate what the moment provides me, the better i feel.



Family is the core. That's where Life comes from.


When everyone makes peace with their family, there will be peace on earth. 

The War To End All Wars

The War For Peace.  


We must dedicate all our resource to this effort -only through an overwhelming and sustained demonstration of true peace can peace be realized.


The alternative is never ending war.


instead; we dedicate ourselves to the task of restoring that which has been broken. To make effort to find the common bond. To walk a mile in another's shoes.  


What you give is what you receive.

Give Peace. 







America was built by immigrants. To deny this is to deny who we are. 


Give an immigrant a chance and nobody will work harder. 


What our rural communities with declining populations need more than anything is immigrants.


Immigrants bring with them strong, faith-based communities looking for opportunities somewhere they can live peacefully. Many are highly skilled and well trained. They will participate in strengthening the community.


We should welcome them with open arms. They are our history and our future. 

Peace Officers/Soldiers of Peace

To promote peace, we must offer peace.


there are warriors among us brave enough to sacrifice themselves, without killing, to stand up for what we believe in.


We believe in peace.  


All armed American forces (police, military, border patrol) will maintain non-violent first responders. Our front lines will be the most fearless and bravest in the world, armed not with weapons but with tools and knowledge.


That is what America offers to the world: Peace. The possibility of a future without war and violence. A future where people's basic needs are met. Where they are free to live.


What we admire in our armed forces is not their willingness to kill but their willingness to give their lives for our country.

Our people want Peace. We need our very bravest men and women to be Soldiers of Peace, willing to die to keep from killing. To advance the cause of peace by committing to and offering peace. Let us send them, to deliver peace on our behalf, first.


The financial, physical and emotional cost of offering peace is a small fraction of the cost of waging war.


Existing weaponized military will remain active in the event of defensive necessity but we don’t need any more weapons, we have enough to destroy all of humanity.

There are 4073 cities in the world with populations over 100,000. These cities represent 2.1 billion people (28% of the global population) according to

There are 4073 cities in the world with populations over 100,000. These cities represent 2.1 billion people (28% of the global population) according to

285 cities in the US  

3788 total non-us global cities

4018 active us nukes


This is a self-destruct button. Let that be enough.

If we fail in our mission for peace, the option remains to destroy a significant part of humanity, while making most of the world radioactive and uninhabitable for decades, if not centuries to come.

Top 10 Causes of Death (US CDC Totals)

[652,639  Legal induced abortions]

633,842   Heart Disease

595,930   Cancer

155,041   Chronic lower respiratory disease

146,571   Accidents (unintentional injuries)

140,323   Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases) 

110,561    Alzheimer’s disease

79,535     Diabetes

57,062     Influenza and pneumonia

49,959     Kidney failure 

44,193     Intentional self-harm (suicide)


300,000,000 guns in the United States. (Congressional Research Office)


38,658 Gun Deaths 2017 (CDC) 

23,046 Gun Suicides 2017

15,612 Gun Homicides 2017


Guns aren't the problem, the problem is fear. 





Good News

There is an expression: "can't see the forest for the trees." It means: getting so caught up in the details that you miss the big picture. 


The big picture is good. That we have Life to feel feelings is good. That we have Memory to recall them is good. That Life happens at all is good.


There will always be things to change, always things to improve. That we try is good. Give yourself credit. Give our people credit.


We are what we are. And we’ve come a long way.


Some people that means raising a family, some people it means shooting up a school. Why we are is a mystery. Why we do, equally so. That we are is certain. That it is is good. 



The way to peace is being peace. Begin from a peaceful perspective, believe in a peaceful outcome. That means highlighting successes, not problems. Focus on common ground, trust in each other, look for the positives. Focus on what's working. This is the way to a healthier future.