if everybody is wrong, then nobody is right.


if everybody is right, then nobody is wrong. 


America. We are ONE idea.


"A government of, by and for the people" 


believe this: the country that allows for Barack Obama to peacefully hand off the leadership of the nation to Donald Trump is a great country.


those who refuse to accept Donald Trump as our president are doing as much damage to the idea of America as those who refused to accept Barack Obama. The President of the United States IS The President of the United States.


we will not move forward to a better world with boiling over hate and mistrust.


You don't have to agree with the president to respect the office of the presidency . This is not our dictator. This individual was not forced on us. We, as a nation, through our voting citizens, in an organized election that followed our laws, chose this individual as our leader. As long as that remains true we honor that. 


Donald Trump and Barack Obama are both undeniably American. Nothing like either of them could come out of anywhere else. No matter your perspective, you see that's true. 


He may be our villain but he’s also our hero.


These are not leaders of two separate nations but leaders of the same nation that through it's laws allows for the peaceful transfer of power between such opposing viewpoints. 


this is our compass.


Things will always change, groups will always disagree. embrace that.


Put yourself in the other shoes. Find compromise. exercise patience.