Peace Officers/Soldiers of Peace

To promote peace, we must offer peace.


there are warriors among us brave enough to sacrifice themselves, without killing, to stand up for what we believe in.


We believe in peace.  


All armed American forces (police, military, border patrol) will maintain non-violent first responders. Our front lines will be the most fearless and bravest in the world, armed not with weapons but with tools and knowledge.


That is what America offers to the world: Peace. The possibility of a future without war and violence. A future where people's basic needs are met. Where they are free to live


What we admire in our armed forces is not their willingness to kill but their willingness to give their lives. 


Ours will be Soldiers of Peace


The fractional cost and dramatic upside to promoting peace through peace is too significant to ignore.  


Existing weaponized military can remain active in the event of defensive necessity but we don’t need any more weapons. By all accounts, we have enough to destroy all of humanity.


Let that be enough.