Do You Understand?

America was built in significant part through a genocide of the Natives and centuries of enslavement of Africans. The descendants of those natives and slaves still struggle with equal opportunity and equal protection under the law.


That is a fact.


You don't arrive at our America without Genocide and Slavery. That is something we must acknowledge and reconcile ourselves with. 


We cannot change the past. But we can learn from it.  


Here, in our day and age, we are coming together as a species.


We are, as a global community, understanding how we work and learning to accept our differences. We are learning to solve our problems. This is the arc of history.


Yet people learn at different rates.

Not all of us come to understanding at the same time.


Those who are able to accept the differences, which is to accept what IT IS, are blessed.


This should make them humble. For they recognize the Truth and Beauty in what IT IS, not what it could be, not what it should be. What IT IS.


We are all slaves to the past.


Our History is of displaced people and enslaved people and oppressed people. And, Our History is of oppressors.


We were slaves and we were oppressors but We Will Overcome.


If you recognize the Truth in that statement, then you must be the one to reach out the hand, to make the connection, to help those who do not yet understand. 


Were they as truly an enemy, as soulless and mean spirited as you believe they are in their darkest moments, this would only deepen the need for understanding, which must necessarily begin with you.


Do you understand?